What is Made to Measure?

Made-to-measure (MTM) typically refers to custom clothing that is cut and sewn using a standard-sized base pattern. The fit of a made-to-measure suit is expected to be superior to that of a ready-to-wear garment because made-to-measure garments are constructed to fit each customer individually based on a few body measurements to customise the pre-existing pattern.

Made-to-measure garments always involve some form of standardisation in the pattern and manufacturing, whereas bespoke tailoring is entirely made from scratch based on a customer’s specifications with far more attention to minute fit details and requiring multiple fittings during the construction process.

All else being equal, a made-to-measure garment will be more expensive than a ready-to-wear garment but cheaper than a bespoke one. 

Why Choose Made To Measure?

Our made to measure suit service differs from our ready to wear service in a few crucial ways:

You have the option of choosing from a selection of luxury fabrics from which the suit is to be assembled. These include choices such as number of buttons on jacket, pocket style, vent options, trouser pleats, and cuffs. This allows you to put your own personal stamp on your ensemble.

We use measurements of your chest size, waist size, sleeve length, trouser length, and trouser waist to assemble a suit that is moulded to your body shape. The measurements are not as fine-detailed as our bespoke service, but ensures that you get a suit that fits properly.

Luxury on a budget

A made to measure suit has many of the advantages of the bespoke option, whilst being a speedier service (ready in 4-6 weeks rather than up to 2 months for the bespoke option) and being an attractive option for those on a medium budget.

If you wish to take advantage of our made to measure service, we ask you to provide us with your measurements by using our free online measurement submission form.

Alternatively, if you would rather we took your measurements for you, you can book an appointment via our free online booking system