1. Pattern-making

We take hyper-detailed body measurements from which we craft a suit pattern from scratch, taking in to account all the subtle nuances of your unique body shape.

We consider the slope of your shoulders, the curve of your back, your stance etc...
In short, all the small variations that make you, you.

2. Precise Fittings

You will meet with one of our fit experts for up to an hour for the initial consultation and fitting.

We take detailed, 24 points of measurement from you to ensure a suit that is unique to you. This is your opportunity to discuss your vision in detail to ensure you get the suit befitting your imagination.

These fitting sessions allow us to fine tune your suit to your personal specifications with expert precision using state of the art AutoCAD design software. We aim to perfect your suit in one go, but if a second fitting is needed, a follow up appointment can be arranged to make final adjustments.

3. A World of Options

A bespoke suit is built from the ground up, with you influencing the whole process. It's pretty much a blank canvas on which to paint your unique style vision.

A whole world of bespoke options is opened up to you. You can choose from a wide range of superb quality materials, select from a thousand possibilities for pocket type, vent style, interior lining, cuffs, collar... you name it, the world's your sartorial oyster.

And what's more? You're getting a personalised tailoring service that is one of the most competitive in the marketplace.

4. Master Guidance

You will be drawing on all the skill and experience of our master tailors, who have honed our craft to an art. We will assist you every step of the way on your journey into the dappersphere.

We will act as your own personal style advisor, guiding you through the process of choosing just the right fabric for your suit from the many superb materials we have on offer, and presenting you options for crafting the suit of your dreams.

Because of the high level of craftsmanship that goes in to creating a suit from scratch, the bespoke option is the longest of our three services, so leave up to two months before any occasion you wish to wear your suit to.

Why Choose Bespoke?

Ready-To-Wear is good, Made to Measure is great but, a Bespoke garment is exceptional.

Ready-To-Wear or Made To Measure garments are made to a standard block that doesn’t accommodate for the uniqueness and nuances of individual body shapes. With a bespoke garment, handcrafted just for you, you will notice the difference as soon as you put it on.

Jennis & Warmann is dedicated to bespoke tailoring. The made-to-measure services offered use a standard-sized base pattern, which is altered to your frame. Some modifications may occur, but you will never truly enjoy that exclusive feeling of wearing a bespoke suit.

With bespoke tailoring starting from only £799, you can invest in a bespoke suit that is every bit as unique as you are without compromising on quality.

Women Bespoke Tailoring

If you’ve tried to purchase a formal suit off-the-peg before, you will know that there is almost always an element of compromise, whether it’s the style or how it fits.

Thankfully, that’s not the case when you purchase a bespoke ladies’ suit from Jennis & Warmann.

We also offer dresses and skirts, as part of a suit or as standalone items.

The bespoke process is a close collaboration between you and your tailoring consultant. They will guide you through your various options; from your choice of the finest fabrics in the world, to the colour of your buttonholes. No detail is too small. 

We carefully tailor our women’s business suits to your measurements and posture to ensure the best possible fit.
A bespoke two-piece ladies suit starts from £699.

Bespoke Shirts

Choosing a bespoke shirt guarantees a fit and feel that is as comfortable as a second skin and will be a pleasure to live, work and play in.

Creating your bespoke shirt requires only a few additional measurements to those you’d expect for a suit or coat. Our bespoke shirts start from £70.

Choosing Jennis & Warmann as your Bespoke Shirtmaker guarantees the level of service and quality that we’re renowned for, with the added convenience of keeping it together, saving you time and effort.

You can order your entire bespoke wardrobe from the same tailor, with the assurance that you’re receiving the finest craftsmanship in the industry.

But it’s more than just convenience that makes all the difference. When it comes to style, our team knows what works best for your wardrobe. Forget the guesswork and pursue the perfect Egyptian cotton business shirts, exceptional floral summer shirts, casual style gentleman’s shirts whilst you’re picking your pinstripe suiting, or relaxed linens to compliment your summer sunny look.