How to Pull Off the Any Day, Any Occasion Tweed Suit

Source: GQ Magazine
Source: GQ Magazine


Put Tweed to Work

Every tweed suit comes with built-in professorial vibes, and your first move is shaking those off. You can’t go wrong with a shirt and tie, Muytjens says. But there are so many different ways you can style a suit. For instance, stride into the office with a polka-dot scarf and a noisy pocket square. The less they match, the better. You want a little attitude.



Party in the Pants

This year, don’t half-ass all your holiday shindigs, showing up late in your work clothes. Ditch the jacket for a festive sweater (c’mon, ’tis the season!) paired with your tweed suit pants, which should be aggressively tailored. With tweed, taper the pants a little more, Muytjens says. Make them slim and shorter. Then go strong with boots.


brown tweed suit

Layer It On Thick

Fact: Tweed can be as warm the oven. So use the suit jacket as an actual jacket over a sweater, a Henley, or an oxford shirt. On the bottom? Don’t overthink it. Most jeans work perfectly, Frank tells us. The jacket will dress up dark denim and pull everything together, making you look sharp and feel bundled up without going all Eskimo-style.

Source: GQ Magazine

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